Fortune's Destiny - Your Place for Everything you need [Open Shop Thread]

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Fortune's Destiny - Your Place for Everything you need [Open Shop Thread]

Post by Twisted Fate on Sun Jul 20, 2014 4:44 pm

It was early in the morning and the Undercity was quite empty. Sometimes one or two ponies could be seen roaming around. But for one it was routine. For some years he was living in Manehatten after that incident that changed his life. And since he started his life here, he got himself quite a profession.

So for Twisted Fate it was a morning like everyone else. He'd always co.e down to the undercity, the place where the blackmarket was located. He'd always, one or two hours before opening look into his storage, checking if he had enough of everything and restock in the shop itself what was low on number. 

Now, after doing his daily checking, he went upstairs only to shortly come back down to the shop with a black box, decorated with golden ornaments. He looked around, relieved to see that his shop still was closed, and stuffed the chest under the counter where no customer could look at it. Now that he knew that everything was settled, he made his way to the front door and levitated a sign outside saying 'now open', before stepping inside with a grin on his muzzle as he made his way back behind his counter.

"Now let's get started." As he was drinking his first coffee of the day from his pitch-black mug, resembling the coffee inside.
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