Blast from the Past - A Twist of Fate [Just a One-Shot]

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Blast from the Past - A Twist of Fate [Just a One-Shot]

Post by Twisted Fate on Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:17 pm

Since he came to Manehatten, TF slowly built up his own existence. He got a safe home, a job and a nice income, being one of the main merchants of the blackmarket. If you wanted something specific, he had it. But once in a while, he has that weird dream everytime he is just dozing off...

[Several years before]

It was quite a time for Twisted Fate. He got exiled of his hive by his own queen for having his own opinion and now he is somewhat lost in that forest, his hunger for love growing stronger every once in a while. Although he didn't knew it by that time, some unknown force decided his life to change...

As he got further into the forest, he stumbled across something...or rather somepony. Sitting at the base of a tree was a unicorn stallion. It would be at first nothing special aside from his attire, wearing a leather coat as well as a hat in similar color fashion. But what was really important was the fact that that stallion had a decently sized gashing wound at his side.

TF, not being some kind of malicious evil pony, approached him in an offer to help the wounded unicorn. But as soon as he caught sight of the changeling he shuffled on the ground, trying to get his distance from him. He knew of course how changelings operate...they would find you alone, carry you away to a desolated place and take your place in pony society. 

Fate, seeing this reaction, stopped and sat down on the ground trying to calm down the frightened unicorn.
"Please...I'm just here to help. I want to save your life."

The unicorn was not amused in the slightest and gave the changeling a skeptical look.
"Yes, of course you would try to help me. Just as soon as i get on your back, you carry me away to your hive, feed me off to your friends and simply show yourself as me. We all know how changelings truly are..."
He couldn't speak any further as he gasped for air, his wound bleeding profusely, leaving a red track on the green ground.

Fate couldn't help it. Because of the recent changeling activity by a certain queen, everyone in the world hated them, not giving them a chance to show their true nature. He hung his head low and sighed quietly.
"As if you know...I don't even have a hive anymore. That's the punishment for having an opinion different from your get thrown out, left to starve in the badlands."

The unicorn silently listened to the changeling rambling about his own misery as he looked down to see his wound not stopping. He knew, even if the changeling really wanted to help him, he would die anyway. Besides, if what he told him was true...then he didn't want to make his life any worse.
He leaned at his nearest tree and spoke quietly.
"If you really want to help me then live my me. I know I will die in this woods no matter what. The only thing you can do to help me is to continue my life."
He took his hat and his jacket off to reveal himself, being a grey young unicorn with a long black mane and a tail of the same color. His horn was always hidden under his hat.

Fate looked down at the unicorn, realizing that he wanted him to be that unicorn so that his life wouldn't end so soon. He concentrated, green fire engulfing his form. And in front of the wounded unicorn stood an exact copy of himself. Fate stood there, feeling guilt for copying somepony who was about to hit the grave. But he knew that no one would find it out since the only one who could destroy that illusion would be dead by that time.
"Fine...if that is your dying wish then i shall fulfill it."
TF took the hat and the coat, put them on, and looked at a nearby pond for his reflection showing the exact image of the dying unicorn, except for the wound on his side.
"Tell me before you leave...what is your name and your profession..."

The unicorn looked and TF and smiled, hoping that the changeling would keep his promise. He took a deep breath, knowing that it would probably be his last one.
"My Twisted Fate. I am a gambler so you should quickly learn how to play or else..."
With these words, the unicorn with the name of Twisted Fate closed his eyes and went to rest.

Twisted Fate, the now changed unicorn changeling, looked at himself and began to laugh, mimicking the deceased pony's voice in the progress.
"It is never got to learn my name. probably somehow knew it. Farewell, Twisted Fate, I will carry on your name and continue, our life.

With that, Twisted Fate left the now dead unicorn and made his way further through the forest, hoping to soon find a way outside to actually start his new life as a pony...

[Present Day - Blackmarket under Manehatten]

Fate opened his eyes and took in his surroundings, quickly finding himself in his own little shop. He sighed before unlocking the door to show that he had opened for business, speaking to himself once again.
"So many years have passed...and I hope that you are happy with the life we lived so far..."
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