Short Fuse [Unicorn]

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Short Fuse [Unicorn]

Post by Jury Rigged on Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:32 pm

Name:Short Fuse
Occupation:Demolition Expert
Special Talent:Ignition (can light fuses, and other easily ignited substances with his magic)
Minor Talents: Fireworks maker

Height: 4'5
Coat Color:Stone Grey
Mane/Tail Color:Olive Drab
Eye color:White
Cutie/Glyph Mark:lit fire cracker

Personality: Fuse embraces his creativity and applies it to whatever he can, which most of the time its with the liberal use of explosives. Fuse deals with stress by keeping a smile on his face and making jokes about whats going on, even if the outlook is bad he always has a way to joke about it. He is dedicated to his cause and will strive to see that they achieve their goal. He doesn't like to kill intentionally, collateral damage is acceptable as long as he completes what he set out to do. He is always looking for a new job to take, he tries to keep busy and speed up plans as best as he can.

When not working he tends to stick around a few places, mostly the bar and any shops that he can looks for assorted goods. He keeps to himself and is constantly devising new methods of destruction in is head, his job is the only thing hes had in his life and has honed his craft extremely well. The amount of destruction he so happily wreaked sets him at odds and is constantly questioned as to his mental state. Fuse could possibly be more mellow, but that is only if he find something he likes more than destruction of property.

History: Born to a normal family whose job was to produce fireworks to use for the various festivals, Fuse was trained from a young age to enjoy the beauty of fireworks. he trained while young and soon became proficient at the making of all types of fireworks, from sparklers to big rockets, he especially liked firecrackers which led to his cutie-mark being a lit firecracker.Blast was still young when the war started, soon his family was producing Dynamite. Fuse had no idea what this new stuff was and thought it was just a new type of firecracker,so he did what any normal colt would do and hid some away for whenever he needed to entertain himself but after a few years he grew bored and decided to test out this Dynamite for himself, he stuffed some saddlebags full, but his parents rushed to him and he received an ear-full about what dynamite actually was.

As they were taking him back home, overhead the armies of the griffon kingdom had led a surprise attack on his home and the surrounding area, Fuse and his family had been captured and were forced to make this dynamite for the griffons to use. after a few months of harsh treatment his father stood up to the griffon oppressors. it turned out to be a very costly mistake, Fuse left the assembly room to go to the little colts room and heard his family attempt to throw off their oppressors, it was over quickly and when Fuse returned his family was dead and the griffons were eating his own family, they spotted fuse standing there and chased him through his house, Fuse ran to his dynamite storage and hid there till the griffons gave up and left. He quickly packed his saddlebags with food and anything he could find that was valuable. Fuse smelled smoke and figured that the griffons are burning down the house and ran as quickly as he could to a safe spot and watched his house burn and he witnessed what the dynamite did when the house exploded. this explosion took away all his sadness from the loss of his parents but also made him obsess over it. from then on Fuse wandered equestria for years on end working various jobs so that he could feed his hunger for the explosive power of dynamite, until finally he found the only city he needed and the ponies who feed his hunger, the Equestrian rebels of Manehatten.

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Re: Short Fuse [Unicorn]

Post by Atriark on Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:13 am

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