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Post by Kirtar on Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:29 am

Name: Kirtar
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Occupation: Guard
Likes: relaxing, playing games, lollipops
Dislikes: doing work
Special Talent: Tinkering with things to make them better or more deadly
Minor Talent: Close combat
Alignment: Griffons

Height: 5'7"
Fur Color: Bronze
Feather Color: Earth Yellow
Eye Color: Red

Kirtar [Griffon][Completed] Kirtar10

Personality: He is exceptionally cool-headed, and has a very casual demeanor, who prefers to work with another griffon instead of himself.  Oozing with confidence, he takes great pride in his work... when he actually does it.  He would much rather sit back and relax instead of completing his assignments though, playing games with whoever his partner is (if he has one) when on assignments, or just being back at the place that he stays at, tinkering with various devices to see if he can make them better.  He really doesn't like authority, though he tolerates it so that the job can get done.  He always has a lollipop, either in one of his talons, or in his bag.

Born into house Aeryie under the name of Eesha, he was a curious fledgling, spending a good majority of his youth listening to the other griffons debate about various things on mathematics and philosophy, to the explanation of how things such as electricity, mechanics, and chemicals work.  Because of his and house Aeryie's lifestyle, he became pretty smart, and laid back.  This changed when Tsar Ivan declared war on Equestria, and wanted all of the houses to help with the effort.  Hearing that dissenters were 'dealt with', Eesha decided to help with the war, though he really didn't want to.

Almost immediately after the war started, all of the griffons that were from house Aeryie were taken to Palmire to design and build whatever the Tsar needed.  They could continue their intellectual pursuits, but they were always watched to make sure they weren't doing anything suspicious.  Eesha didn't like that, as he wanted to pursue and build what he wanted, so he always was thinking of how to escape from the city.  One day, Eesha was tinkering with various mixtures of chemicals on a rat, and found that the rat died.  The griffons watching them took note and reported it to the Tsar, and demanded that Eesha make more of that chemical under the Tsar's orders.  However, Eesha found out that it didn't really kill the thing that consumed it, it just put them at a near-death state as he saw the rat awaken and scurry away moments later.  Thinking about the chemical and its effects, he had a brilliant idea of how to escape Palmire.

Making a vial of the chemical and hiding it on him, he made sure that he was by himself in an area that other griffons would pass.  He drank the contents, and made sure to throw the empty vial away, to get rid of the evidence that could be traced back to him purposefully killing himself.  Just like the rat, he "died", falling over on the floor.  A griffon passerby noticed his body, and alerted one of the watchers.  After they determined that he was dead (possibly due to heart failure) they put his body into a casket and carted it to a crypt that housed griffons from the Aeryie house near the outskirts of the city.   Hours later during the night, he awoke to find himself inside one of the stone coffins inside of the crypt.  He managed to move the lid off of the coffin, and got out of it, almost unable to get out.  He made sure that the coffin lid was put back on, and quietly made his way out of the crypt, and out of the city.

After he escaped from Palmire, he kept a low profile to avoid being caught and dragged back, or executed.  He joined the griffon military, since coincidentally they needed soldiers because of the large casualties they suffered from the first siege on Stalliongrad.  To make it harder for others to find out about his origins, He changed his name to Kirtar and trained very hard, becoming officer material in a very short time, though chose to remain at the grunt level, as he didn't want to draw too much attention to himself, as he might be found out.  He also didn't want to be an officer, because he thinks that being an officer is constraining.  Because of his mindset, he denied every promotion that came his way.

Continuing to serve in the griffon military, Kirtar participated in the siege of Trottingham.  He was pretty shocked at the brutality that the griffon military displayed, indiscriminately killing ponies, and a complete disregard for trying to keep the city intact.  He wanted to speak out against what they did, but didn't since there was a good chance that they would see him as a traitor and possibly have himself killed.  Afterwards, when the military decreed that they were to try and take the cities intact with minimal civilian causalities, they developed a prototype non-lethal weapon that immobilized others using electricity.  Since it was prone to malfunctions, shocking the user instead, no one wanted to use it.  Kirtar volunteered, seeing it as an opportunity to fix it, and see what other kinds of applications it could be used for.

After Trottingham, the military went to Manehatten where he helped with the capturing of the city.  Because of his training in the military, as well as knowing how to outmaneuver his enemies, he kept himself from being killed.  They needed soldiers to occupy the city, as they lost a lot of soldiers trying to take the city and it was an important location.  He is content to be as far away from Palmire as possible, as he is free to pursue his interests without being watched or told what to do.

=Special skills / Abilities / Spell descriptions=
stun baton:
A prototype, non-lethal weapon that Kirtar has, it uses electricity to immobilize unruly ponies, though since it's a prototype it's prone to malfunctions, creating an electric feedback, shocking the user from time to time.  It's a big device with the electric generator near the handle, and as such Kirtar carries it on his back

=Personal Timeline=

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Kirtar [Griffon][Completed] Empty Re: Kirtar [Griffon][Completed]

Post by Hijinks on Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:56 am

Well done birdy! You have passed the first trial of actually getting your character through. Now it's up to you to do griffony things.

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