Looking For Hope

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Looking For Hope

Post by Void's Mirror on Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:00 am

10th of January, Year 5
about 11 a.m.
[posting as Mirror Lone]

It had been a long time since she had seen him the last time. It had been on that fateful day that a smiley had been cut onto her back to never vanish again. Smile.
It had also been a long time that she hadn't been able to walk but now her bones had grown back together and she could already handle some meters. But never too long.

This morning she had decided to go back to where she had met Fire Ruby the first time. He had promised her something that day and she desperately hoped he rembered and kept that promised. Being unable to walk had also made her unable to gather the herbs she needed to sell. In short: she was running out of money. She needed to pay the hotel owner, she needed to buy food. Not only she was almost starving but someone else who was hiding outside the city.

Mirror came closer to the farm that reminded her so much of her parents. The smells around it were almost the same as home. When she was standing on the courtyard, she called out. "Hello? Somepony there?" Maybe Fire Ruby was outside again like the last time she had seen him. Mirra hoped he remembered his promise. He was her last hope.
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